You can see the Beat on our Channel:

Raffle Info:

When we get enough entries, this 1991 Beat will be given away!
* The amount of entries needed is 300 @ $50ea.
* Once you donate (Buy an Entry), no refunds.

* This raffle is only for people outside of Japan.

* The Honda Beat has to be exported and to a country that will allow a 1991 Beat to be imported.
* The winner of the Beat is responsible for all domestic fees within their country. For example: Taxes and Custom Fees.

* The person entering has to be of LEGAL age to win the Beat or money according to the country's law the person lives in.

* If you cannot afford to import the Beat but want to support this raffle, you still have a chance to win money. :)

* First place winner cannot win 2nd~5th Place prizes.

We thank everyone who participates in this raffle and helps our business move forward. We will keep note of everyone who pays for an entry and give them a personal thank you and add your name to our FaceBook "Thank You" list with your permission of course. Would be cool to make a frame with everyone's entries and hang it on our shop wall. We will never forget you had a helping hand in finding this Beat a new home. :)

We will use http://wheelofnames.com to choose the winners and LIVE on YouTube.

1st place: 1991 Honda Beat
2nd Place: ¥100,000
3rd Place: ¥60,000
4th Place: ¥30,000

5th Place: ¥10,000

GOOD LUCK to everyone that enters!!

You can enter here by using PayPal. Unlimited entries per person! >

Raffle has been closed for the Beat due to it being sold. Emails has been sent to the participates

 240 Spots Left!