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PP1 SSi Custom Beat Shape Spare Key


This new product is arranged to ship by Small Pack Air Post (No tracking). I you would like EMS or UPS with tracking and insurance please contact us first.

Continue through with checking out and you can know shipping cost. If your country is not on the list, I might need to add it.

INFO: Factory / 1pc

"Beat" will be written on 1 side always. On the opposite side you can leave it blank or have SSi to stencil anything you want if it is short enough to fit. It can be in english or Japanese (Hirogana, Katakana, Kanji) at no additional cost. Please let us now via email or "notes" in PayPal.

1JUNE2022 SSi had to raised their prices due to material price hikes. These keys are raised up by ¥1,320.

We order upon your purchase!

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