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  1. Do you do Business to Business (BtoB) or Only Business to Consumer (BtoC)?

    We used to do BtoB (accepting everyone that came our way) but this has pushed us farther away from our goals and Mission. We created this business to offer parts in general and rare products at great prices directly from Japan. We have gone off track by supporting other companies and not supporting our own. We did not start this business solely as a freight/export company. Our intentions are to be an online retail store. 

    Therefore, we cannot do/support other businesses any more. We honestly cannot survive by doing so. We are only a Business to Consumer (BtoC) type of company.

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  1. When Do you Ship Out?

    Post Office Pick Up time will be Monday thru Friday in the Mornings.

    Therefore, orders worked on the day before will go out the following morning and orders worked on Friday, will go out Monday Morning. Emergencies that arrive on Friday, I will personally go to the the Post Office and drop off on the weekends.

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  1. Are you a Yahoo Broker / Can you buy from Yahoo for us?

    No, we no longer offer Yahoo Broker Services.

    Due to near the same reasons as we only sell to consumers and not businesses. We weren't intended to be a broker. We lost our ways just to earn money and forgot what our original mission was.

    But we won't let you hang to dry, Please contact our business friend to help you with Yahoo transactions: http://www.jessestreeter.com

    Please read their website fully before sending out an email asking questions.

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