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About Us

About Us

EtsuRyu is a Family Ran Business since 2010. American/UK + Japanese

About Us:

* EP Importers (Sole Proprietorship) 2010~2015.

* EtsuRyu LLC (越 流): 2016~ Present.

A small company that has realistic meaning and is rare to find these days. EtsuRyu mission is providing better customer service with the same quality if not better products at a cheaper price. 

****  We DO NOT sell / Ship domestically to a Japanese address or a Military address in Japan. We are only registered as an export company. And the fact is the makers do not allow us to take away from their domestic sales. We only have permission to supply to the international community. ****

Etsu   Ryu : Water constantly revolving/ a constant flow which also can define as a better quality of water so when relating that with parts/cars, they replace the word “water”. That’s what “EP” in EP Importers stood for EtsuRyu Parts. Wanted something cool like Mugen’s kanji but did not want to look like them. So that is why we read it from top to bottom like a lot of Japanese things are still read in this way and from top to bottom/ Right to Left.

EtsuRyu LLC Vision & Mission:

EtsuRyu LLC is working toward a Global Community.

EtsuRyu LLC Values:

EtsuRyu LLC addresses customer needs and to communicate with them on a personal level. EtsuRyu LLC does not allow customers to feel like they are talking to a computer / an automated service. The world is revolving and increasing in technology that does not mean customer service should too. Customers want to go back to the old ways with enough attention, respect, and trust.

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