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WELCOME, To the "A Winning Chance" Support Community!
We are happy and grateful you could join us on this new journey.
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* CARS are able to be won once we build a community together that brings in an average value. For example: $10per person at 1500 subscribers. Therefore, we think it is best to start off at the $10~$20 teirs and once we have enough subscribers we will be able to raffle off cars (according to your country's import laws) and you will be able to move up to the $30 teir.
* When winning a car, you do not pay International shipping either! You only need to cover your domestic costs including import taxes/duties, registration (If Applicable), etc. Winning anything, you do not need to worry about shipping fees either.
* Starting off, there will be 2 raffles each month. Once we can raffle cars off, the car raffle will be a 3rd each month. Winning products may change over time depending on the subscription base. We will use http://wheelofnames.com to use to choose the winners each month.

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