EtsuRyu LLC / EPImporters

JDM Products Revolving Above Average!

Located in Kagoshima, Japan, We specialise in Used and New Parts of any kind from a bolt to a bumper(s) for any car.

We import Japanese car parts and full cars internationally. We have a great deal of experience searching for parts. Estuary LLC / EP Importers has an advantage over their competitors. We have the better resources and hands-on experience that saves money in your pocket with same if not better quality.

About Us:

Etsuryu LLC / EP Importers Vision & Mission:

EstuRyu LLC / EP Importers’ vision is to be the number one competitor and continue to be a small company. A small company has realistic meaning and is rare to find these days. Mika believes that if done correctly, a small company can be as successful as a big corporation. Having less greed and staying true & honest in business is the direction the world is heading back too. EstuRyu LLC / EP Importers’ mission is to welcome potential customers into his business, while providing better customer service with the same quality if not better products at a cheaper price. EstuRyu LLC / EP Importers is expecting to have a small shop, first in Japan then one in America.

Etsuryu LLC / EP Importers Values:

EstuRyu LLC / EP Importers addresses customer needs and to communicate with them on a personal level. EtsuRyu LLC / EP Importers does not allow customers to feel like they are talking to a computer or an automated service. The world is revolving and increasing in technology that does not mean customer service should too. Customers want to go back to the old ways with enough attention, respect, and trust. The first step for EtsuRyu LLC / EP Importers is to live by their mission and vision statement and to be better than Yesterday.